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Brendalee Thomas
Virtual Assistant

My story

It was my passions to help and support others lead me to start my business in December 2015. I started offering virtual receptionist services and other administrative services to business owners. Real Estate Investors  and other business owners started reaching out to me because they just did not have the time to sit and handle phone calls and administrative tasks for hours during their busy day. The experiences that I have gained in the real estate industry allowed me to get tremendous results that were beneficial to grow their business and increase their profit. You will not have to worry because you will get the results that you deserve.

I am a specialist in the cold calling and customer service fields. Having the confidence to speak boldly, I am not afraid to pass the gatekeeper and talk to the right people to get the information. Been a proud Administrative Virtual Assistant who gives you your time back to do what is important to you which is to manage your businesses and maximize your profits.  My priority is work to provide each client with the result that the need to manage a successful and profitable business.

When I work for you, I will leave no stones unturned to provide the quality services that you need so that your business will be able to be successful and move to the next level.  

 Brendalee Virtual Assistant strictly follows our Mission Statement which is to use my knowledge, talent, skills, the most advanced technologies and tools to provide the best quality services to my clients that they will be totally satisfied and which will enhance their business.

I am the go to person for your business when you want help from a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to help you.

Feel free to contact me:

Call: 203-813-2209

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